Here are some useful resources for your Tango exploration and growth! Enjoy the journey :-) – your all-inclusive Argentine Tango directory – another great LA Tango Community resource

Tango Addicts Unite – my MeetUp group

Tango Terminology – glossary of terms – International Tango resources – find your dance match here

Beginner Argentine Tango Guide – a great information source for music, moves & vocabulary.

History of Tango – a website devoted to explaining the history of Tango and Tango music

Today In Tango – informational and educational blog

Gringo in Buenos Aires – Buenos Aires Tango & Milonga Guide

Conscious Dancer – a magazine featuring various dance forms and modalities that offer therapeutic value

Howard’s Blog – an informational site for milongas around town (LA) and (BsAs)

Photography by Goli Judge: –  Tango, Couples, Special Occasions, Nature.

Studio Pilates – My personal favorite: great place to get your fitness and flexibility, El Segundo

Fleurish Creations – Gorgeous flowers for all occasions by Tracy Ramos


Below are just some of the things that inspire me with relation to Tango. I hope you too will enjoy these wonderful bits of inspiration

My favorite Tango music: Astor Piazzola – Oblivion, Libertango, Adios Nonino, Milonga de Angel

My favorite Tango film by Sally Potter Tango Lesson

My favorite Tango videos:

Gotan Project – “DIFERENTE

Mariano Chicho & Juana Sepulveda – Nuevo Tango

My favorite Mambo performances: Alex Lima

My favorite Tango reads:  The Tao of Tango…by Johanna Siegmann

My favorite quote:  (The Scent of the Woman) “No mistakes in the tango. Not like life. It’s simple. That’s what makes the tango so great. If you make a mistake, get all tangled up, just tango on.” – Al Pacino

WHY TANGO? Here’s why…

Tango is good for your HEART!
Tango improves balance in patients with Parkinson’s Disease.



An Article: Tango improves balance and mobility in patient’s with Parkinson’s Disease