Meet Ilona Glinarsky – Argentine Tango instructor and life coach.

Originally from Kiev (Ukraine), Ilona is no stranger to music and dance. Growing up in the former Soviet Union she was exposed to dance and music education from the age of four. A classically trained pianist, Ilona has a deep understanding and appreciation for music and rhythm. Prior to her immigration to the US in 1979, she was trained to accompany dancers with the  world-renowned Ukrainian dance troupe, Virsky Ukranian Dance Ensemble. This is where Ilona developed her true passion and reverence for discipline and form, qualities that sets all great dancers apart from the rest.

Over the last seventeen years Ilona has expanded her artistic expression once again, discovering Latin dance – Salsa, Mambo and Argentine Tango. Trained by Perry Rogovin, Sandor, Fernanda and Gillermo Merlo, Mariano Chicho Framboli and Juana Sepulveda , Geraldine Rojas and Ezequil Paludi, among other acclaimed Tango instructors, Ilona has a strong foundation and deep respect for the “fundamentals” upon which this dance is structured.

Her passion lies in introducing ordinary people to Argentine Tango, the most extraordinary dance based on connection. Her background in Spiritual Psychology (University of Santa Monica) is yet another aspect Ilona utilizes in her teaching approach. She sees Tango as a dialog between two equal partners, therefore her emphasis is on developing and expanding ones capacity to communicate from the heart, to trust and surrender, to lead and follow – all precious life skills essential to creating a conscious, fulfilling relationships, both on and off the dance floor. 

For the last twelve years Ilona has been teaching Argentine Tango in Los Angeles: 3rd Street Dance , South Bay Adult School, The Studio Art of Dance, as well as the Agape International Spiritual Center and as a guest instructor at the Music Center, LA (Active Arts). For the full schedule of classes, please click HERE.

As a passionate advocate for social partner dance and a Tango community activist, Ilona is always seeking new ways to share her passion and make a difference in the world. She often offers free introductory classes in various communities throughout Los Angeles, appears on various radio talk shows and works hard on getting her message out into to world. She is presently organizing second annual  LA Tango Marathon, that is created to bring the entire LA Tango community and the entire West Coast Tango communities together under one roof.

In March 2012 Ilona became an organizer of a new beautiful monthly Milonga @ LAX , which has quickly become one of the most popular places for Tango dancing, just steps from LAX (at the Elks Lodge, Playa Del Rey)

Ilona is also hostess of the  Tango Experience, a weekly practica/milonga taking place every Wednesday night at Hacienda Hotel, El Segundo.

Most recently Ilona has dabbled in film-making by writing and directing an award-winning short film A Tango for Joe, featured here: PAH Nation – Hollywood, by Christopher Coppola.

I believe dance is one of the most powerful and enjoyable catalysts to personal growth and expansion. It is both a tool and an outlet for human passion, which is the very essence of life itself

– Ilona Glinarsky

For Argentine Tango Class Schedule, please click HERE!

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An award-winning 6-minute film written and directed by Ilona Glinarsky (competed within 3 days from start to finish) “A TANGO FOR JOE”.

…There were a couple of moments for me during my private lessons that embodied such tenderness and delicacy, that they were little microcosms of perfection. Everything was coming together. I wanted to be no other place on earth but there in that studio dancing. I wanted those moments to extend beyond my capabilities, but I do know that will come with time. I’ve experienced that sensation in performing music, composing, and writing my novel, and it’s such a rush. I’m so smitten with tango, and I drink-in as much as I can: listening to it, watching dance footage…
Ilona’s instruction speaks directly to my abilities and demeanor, and being the “Ms. Doolittle” to her “Henry Higgins,” I’m sure I will do her proud once I’m a regular in the milongas of the world. – Stuart Balcomb (composer/musician/educator/writer)